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A child’s visit to the dentist should be fun and exciting! Hillside Dentistry makes the effort to give the most comfortable care and provide a positive experience for children and young adults. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Erik Hill for pediatric dental care in Ashland, OR.

Children’s Dentistry in Ashland, OR

Your child’s oral health is important. We make receiving dental care a simple and fun experience with every visit. Quality treatment, which we provide, helps children reach their full potential in terms of oral and overall health. When teeth are healthy, a child’s smile can shine beautifully.

A child’s first visit is especially important in creating a positive first impression. Children that enjoy their initial visit with a dentist feel more comfortable receiving care in the future. A positive first impression is a great way to stay proactive against dental anxiety in adulthood.


Prevention and Routine Care

Bringing children into the office for routine exams and cleanings paves the way for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Examinations are essential in developing the blueprint of a child’s unique dental structure. This gives us insight into everything going on in their smile, including whether a patient requires orthodontic intervention, when advanced care may be necessary, or if their teeth grow as expected.

Routine visits help our practice stay on top of potential complications. Cleanings ensure teeth are free from tartar and prevent issues like decay and gingivitis from causing permanent damage or severe pain. We eliminate the guesswork with dental care and prepare children for a lifetime of healthy, easy-to-maintain teeth.

We’re Dedicated To Your Child’s Oral Health

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Dr. Erik Hill and his team are dedicated to improving oral health for children. Contact us or schedule an appointment with our friendly dental practice in Ashland, and learn how Dr. Erik Hill can improve the best parts of your child’s smile.


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